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Welcome to ANAHATA

ANAHATA is Sanskrit for the 4th Chakra, the Heart - ANAHATA symbolizes love, empathy, selflessness and devotion. The center of force inspires humans to love, be compassionate, altruistic, devoted and to accept divine actions.

The literal meaning of the Sanskrit word means unhurt, unstruck, and unbeaten. Anahata Naad refers to the concept of the unstruck sound,  the celestial realms.

ANAHATA YOGA, Sound and Energy Healing is North Scottsdale’s premier Yoga and Sound Healing studio incorporating crystal singing bowls and gong sonic therapy into each class and special event.  We promote the practice of ancient yogic techniques to meet the needs of the modern world. ANAHATA is for everyone, kids through seniors, promoting healing and balance to keep us connected to our Self.  Our peaceful environment is a sanctuary for all to be present, find balance, perspective, and be a part of a community of conscious connection. 

ANAHATA's focus is on spiritual and ancient yogic practices such as Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. Restorative, Yin, Yoga Nidra , Gentle Yoga and Vinyasa Flow are also available with Sound Journey and Gong Meditations. ANAHATA features 5 free community classes each week so everyone can be a part of our community. Check out our special event schedule to see what we have coming up each month!  There is so much to chose from including our monthly Full Moon Meditations, Sound Journey, and Kirtans. 200hr and 300hr Yoga Alliance and KRI Teacher Training Programs are also offered throughout the year. The ANAHATA community is a warm and inviting space for you to connect, release, and unwind with new friends, and a cup of yogi tea. 

"Grab your yoga mat and join us for an amazing, uplifting, and empowering journey within. Learn the ancient yogic sciences of pranayama (breath) mantra (chanting), mudra (hand positions), naad (sound current) and asana (yogic postures) while utilizing the powerful healing of the gong, and crystal singing bowls during relaxation. It’s a complete experience for the body, mind, and spirit!”  Ronee Kipnes – Owner. 


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We all know that we must take care of ourselves first. When we take time to tend to our hearts it is like a ripple affect through our whole body. Stepping into ANAHATA Sound and Energy's center you immediately feel the healing taking place...



Danelle S